Game Fishing with Gladiator

marlinJoin Gladiator and its team for the ultimate game fishing trip. There is nothing more exhilarating than being on the end of a rod with a 200kg Blue Marlin.

Our crew have had many years experience fishing New Zealand’s beautiful East Coast, the Three Kings and the Chesterfield Islands (halfway between New Caledonia and Cairns).

The boat is set up with all that is needed for towing lures or live baiting.

Having won many trophies over the years, the latest to add to the list are for catching the first weighed marlin in NZ last season, the third heaviest marlin in the National Tournament 2012 (1,500 anglers) and the heaviest blue marlin for the 2011/12 season at one of the countries most prestigious gamefish clubs.

Why choose Gladiator for your gamefishing adventure?

  • Experienced gamefishing crew
  • Proven record of catches
  • Our crew don’t yell
  • Added bonus of fishing in luxury

Gladiator is one of the busiest game charter boats in New Zealand. If you want to ‘catch the big one’ and have fun doing it with great crew (who don’t yell at you)